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Mulch Products

As shown above all mulch is separate from other varieties and stored on pavement not decomposed mulch. This will provide clean quality product every time. We will begin receiving our 2020 product after April 15th. This means fresh product - not product that has been sitting over the winter. Trucks are cleaned out before loading different colors. Free delivery on loads of 6 or more yards within 10 miles of our shop. Larger discounts for 15 or more yards. Prices do not include sales tax. There are NO FUEL SURCHARGES. Installation available.

***SPECIAL***Free Delivery @ 6 yards within 10 miles of our shop. In addition $1 from every yard delivered will be donated to Falls Food Pantry which serves not only Menomonee Falls but it's surrounding communities.

DOUBLE PROCESSED SHREDDED OAK This is the most common type that is seen in landscape. The shred is slightly finer than a typical hardwood. From experience I feel this product retains moisture the best for plants and holds down weeds better than any other type of mulch. After application the mulch will form a bond or weave to achieve this. The weave also helps hold it in place on slopes. Price $28 per yard.

ENVIRONMENTAL RED - BROWN These products are more of a chip which is produced from pallets NOT ground up yard waste. Color retention is excellent for almost two full seasons depending on the amount of rainfall. You would want to avoid installing around play areas. NEVER INSTALL IN RAIN OR MIST! The colorant needs to be in open air for an hour or two after spreading to dry. Price $28 per yard.

Next season we will be carrying additional varieties. These are the most popular three. Anyone can have a pile of mulch to sell. What you get with Bachman Landscape is expertise and advice on how to do the job right. I want every load of mulch to be as clean as when it was delivered to our yard. Next season our pavement will be expanded and our supplies will be larger. HOW COME YOUR PRICES ARE SO LOW? Because we are a full service landscape company our sales are spread out over the entire year. This allows us to operate at a lower markup on the mulch. HOW MULCH DO I NEED? Take the length times the width of each bed. Don't worry about the contours - just get it close. Add up all of your beds and give us a call.